Published on 07/05/19

Expanding your ministry means facing new challenges. If the administration of your Church is being done in an organized way, the natural tendency is growth. But when one speaks of quantitative growth, one must not lose sight of the fact that the Church must maintain the quality of accompaniment of its congregations. In that sense, the Small Group organization helps your church get closer to its members.

What is a cell?

The Bible compares the Church to the human body because it is organized from systems, which are composed of organs, which are a set of tissues, which are formed by cells. That is, the cell is the basis of the whole organism. So it is in the Church: the cell is what is called the basis of the Christian community. Each cell is made up of a group of five to ten people.

Functions of a cell

Friendship and Communion: Through the system of cells your Church creates opportunities for the fellowship of its Members and the solidification of healthy friendships. The cell makes people closer to each other by producing significant affective bonds.

Informality: Religious practice in informal settings motivates people to be more open to the Spirit of Communion and welcome, which would not be possible in a larger gathering.

Support for members: The cell should be a space for listening and welcoming the sufferings and needs of each Member. It is the ideal place to realize the brothers who are in need of support, lacking in love and prayer.

Grazing: It is not possible for the pastor of a large church to individually accompany each member as the church grows. Therefore, the cell fulfills a fundamental function of guiding the members and keeping them close to the herd.

Formation of leaders: within the cellular environment there is a great personal and spiritual maturation, therefore, it is an ideal place for the formation of new leaderships through which people will be discipled.

Evangelism and expansion: the Church’s primary unity for evangelism must be the cell. Each Member is encouraged to always invite new people to know the word of Jesus at family gatherings. As soon as the cell grows, it must already be divided to form a new one.

Cell Management System

The family organization extends the Church’s growth limits beyond the capacity of its building and its normal working hours. This growth through the multiplication of cells creates a challenge for the Pastor to organize his Discipleship. Therefore, a Member Management tool is essential for the proper management of your herd. Through this tool the Cell Leaders can follow the step-by-step development of its members, summoning it to the events, communicating in an efficient and free way, attending the meetings and recording their contributions. For the Pastor, the tool provides a global view of the growth and multiplication of your cells, allowing them to guide you the best way to expand your ministry.

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